Frequently Asked Question


Why choose us?

Don't like washing the dishes? Don't like ironing your shirts? Well, don't. Ever again. The average service on TwentyFifthHour costs less than a footlong meal from Subway.

Are you insured?

Every person and every job is fully insured. If we break something, we will buy you a new one, and every associate with TwentyFifthHour goes through a complete background check and series of interviews before they are hired.

Will I always have the same assistant?

For special jobs, like letting someone in your house to vacuum or do your laundry or make you dinner, we give our clients (you) the option to request your personal assistant. The same person, every time, that we trust and you trust and will get to know your pets, your pallets, your family, and where your socks go.

For the simple jobs, we can dispatch the nearest associate to assist you right away, just like how ridesharing apps will send the nearest driver, so you don't ever have to wait

What does it cost?

Just like any ridesharing app, we tell you the cost before you request a service, and the cost depends primarily on the length and complexity of the job. 

Here are some average costs:

Picking up an item from a store and delivering to your house or work: $4

Laundry: $5

Booking an appointment or reserving a rental car: $3

Taking your vehicle in for an oil change: $9

Making you dinner: $11

Daily turndown (making bed, doing dishes, general tidying): $4

Returning or exchanging an item at the mall: $10

Can I rate my assistant?

Sure can! And they can rate you too. Go to the History page on the app, click on a job, and if they did a good job, give your assistant five stars!

How much money do assistants make?

Our assistants keep the majority of the fare (around 80%). The rest goes to pay for marketing, insurance, app development and upkeep, and other administrative costs. 

On average our assistants earn between $17 and $25 per hour, and can receive bonuses based on excellent ratings. 

Want to join our team? We are always looking for good people! Contact us at